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I'm an oil painter of 10+ years, but I've been making art since I could hold a pencil. Based in Northern California,

I spend most of my free time in front of a canvas, drinking coffee or exploring the outdoors (the best days include a combination of all three!)

"I am always fueled by emotion. Whether it's anger, strength, desperation, pain, pride or joy, I pour those feelings into each piece with the hope the viewer will feel my message. If my painting elicits emotion, I have done my job."

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Art with an impact

Let's create something special. Whether it's an interactive artistic experience for your wedding or a unique painting for your home, art can (and should!) make a lasting impression.


View all my artwork including oil paintings, illustrations and other mixed medium art. 

Painters Palette

Book me to paint your ceremony or reception live. Receive a custom painting & make memories.


All pieces can be ordered as a print. Click on any image within the portfolio to view options.

More in the media

Learn more about her work in the other places she shows up online, including her artistic partnerships with non-profits and local organizations.


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